# General Questions

# How does the platform work?

We have one smartlink for all offers in each vertical (currently more than 1,000 offers for dating). Our unique OOS (Offer Optimization System) redirects each user to a particular offer, based on user-specific characteristics (such as device, country, and more!). This process ensures the BEST performance of your traffic, and maximizes earnings for our affiliates.

# What verticals can be the most profitable?

In our network you can find smartlinks for such verticals as Dating (Adult), Casual Dating (Mainstream), Gay Dating, Mainstream (Sweepstakes), iGaming, Crypto, Cams or Adult games. Also we have Push Monetization. The best results can be waited for Dating and Mainstream (Sweepstakes).

You already have access to our Dating Smartlink, but should you wish to try something new, our Mainstream (Sweepstakes)/ Cams/ Adult games/ Gay Dating/ Casual Dating/ iGaming or Push Monetization verticals are also available to you on request.

# What types of traffic aren't allowed?

We do not accept email spam, incentivized, bot, chat or content locking traffic.

The main advantages of smartlinks are:

  • wide coverage of the audience (generally, we accept traffic from all countries and devices)
  • exclusive offers
  • the best solution for additional monetization of remnant traffic

# Do you have a referral program?

Unfortunately we do not currently have a referral program.

# Payments and finance

# How can I add or change my payment details?

Please contact your AM with your payment details from email that you used during registration process. Also note: payment details may not be changed on Tuesdays. The latest day to change your payment info before payout is Sunday.

# What ways of withdrawing funds are available?

To withdraw your balance (min. $100) you can use Paxum, Bitcoin (4% fee), USDT (Trc20 - no fee), Capitalist, PerfectMoney, PayPal or bank transfer (min. $1k).

# What is the minimum for payout?

The minimum payout amount is $100 (for all payment methods) and $1000 (for bank wire transfer).

# When do I get my payout?

We pay weekly with no hold period. Payouts go out every Tuesday (16:00−24:00 UTC+0) for sales generated during the previous week (Monday—Sunday). Our minimum payout threshold is $100. When you reach the payout threshold for the first time, please contact our support team with your payment details. All further payments will be posted automatically to the same account, according to our schedule and rules.

# Reports

# Decrypting values from the reports section

  • Hits: user clicked your link and arrived at the prelanding page
  • Uniques: unique users from hits
  • Clicks: user pressed the button on the prelanding page and switched to the final offer
  • Conversions: leads (registrations, mobile subscriptions, cc submits)
  • Ratio: clicks/conversions
  • EPC: revenue/clicks
  • Revenue: your profit

# Where can I see the information about rates?

Our top eCPMs based on location can be found under the Opportunities tab in your account dashboard.

# What about countries which are not on the list?

Generally, we accept traffic from all countries. Because offers and their performance can change daily, the rates may also vary, especially for certain countries. We suggest you send some test traffic to experiment with rates for unlisted countries. Please contact your Account Manager (AM) if you require a rate increase. AM will be able to facilitate a discussion, particularly in cases involving high volumes and quality.

# How often is the information about rates updated?

The information is updated several times a day.

# Why do I get different payments for the same country?

Payouts often vary depending on the user profile (Mobile, Desktop, OS, Device, etc.) Of course, rates in general can also change from time to time.

# Is reporting real time?

Yes, generally reports are updated in real time, but from time to time, a small delay is possible.